Andrew Austin

Compiling Native Node Addons on OS X 10.9

Recently I was working on building some native Node.js addons on OS X 10.9 and I kept running into a weird runtime issue. Everytime I invoked methods that should have existed in the native module, I got errors related to dynamic linking: dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: Symbol not found: __ZN3cln14print_rationalERSoRKNS_14cl_print_flagsERKNS_5cl_RAE Referenced from: /Users/aaustin/code/question/node_modules/jinac/build/Release/rationalnumber.node Expected in: dynamic lookup Not having any experience with C++ this issue puzzled me quite a bit. You see, the addon worked wonderfully on linux. It was time to dive in. The first thing... read more »

An Overview of AngularJS for Managers

In late 2013, I started building things in my free time using AngularJS and it has been an incredibly rewarding and productive journey. I started out in my JavaScript journey building single page applications using Dojo at IBM. More recently, I transitioned to working at a company that uses Node.js on the backend and Angular.js exclusively on the frontend. At IBM I lobbied hard for my team to switch to Angular.js and wrote the first version of this article to make an objective argument that AngularJS was ready to be used in building enterprise single page applications. In particular, I hoped to make... read more »